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An ornamental knob or projection at the intersection of ribs, groins, beams, etc., in a vault or ceiling,, and often carved with foliage, flowers, or heads of angels

In Classical Greek and Roman construction, when stone components were rough-cut offsite at quarries, they were usually left with bosses (small knobs) protruding on at least one side. This allowed for easy transport of the pieces to the site; once there, the bosses also facilitated raising and/or inserting them into place. Examples: Pont Du Gard Aqueduct near Nimes, France ..... Temple at Segesta, Sicily


A small oval or semicircular applied ornament found in 17th and 18th-century English and American designs.

Often applied at a 45 degree angle.

Not to be confused with furniture gadroons or pendants

Examples from Buffalo:

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