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Our Lady of Victory Basilica and National Shrine
767 Ridge Road, Lackawanna, NY

OLV National Shrine & Basilica - Official Website

2003 Photos

Postcard   ...   Note left and right twin colonnandes at corners (detailed at bottom of this page


East elevation and facade

Facade   ...   Two towers with copper cupolas   ...   Arched niche with statue   ...   Main entrance portico

Top: Finial atop the lantern   ...   Middle: Copper cupola  ...   Bottom: Marble drum   ...   The most prominent feature of the Basilica's exterior is the huge copper dome / cupola.   ...    Measuring in at 165-feet in height, the dome, at the time of its completion, was second in size only to the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C.    ...   Replaced in 2002

One of four solid copper winged angels -- each 18 feet tall -- sounds its trumpets in the compass's four directions

Arched niche with statue of Our Lady of Victory

Copper cupolas on twin front towers   ...
In 1941, a freak and violent lightning storm caused major damage to both the towers, forcing them to have to be redesigned and refurbished. The new towers (the ones that can be seen today) feature a design which mirrors the Basilica's Great Dome.

Tuscan columns support main entrance copper domed portico

A Carerra marble domed niche houses the 12-foot-tall, 16,000 pound statue of Our Lady of Victory

Soffit features rosettes   ...    Niche background features gadroonsdentils, bas-relief angel faces, and festoons

Coffered soffit features  egg-and-dart borders and rosettes

Main entrance domed portico
ceiling mural depicts God the Father and creation of the earth   ...   Triangle behind God symbilizes the Trinity   ...   "Benedicat":  Blessing   ...   "Deus": God   ...   "Omnipotens": Having unlimited power or authority   ...   "Vos": You

Marble   ...   Broken rounded pediment  window surround with urn

Broken rounded pediment with urn

Stained glass window features angel medallion

South Park Avenue

Left colonnade (when facing the Basilica's front)   ...   Topping each of twin colonnades is a marble sculpture of a group of children overseen by a large angel   ...  Colonnade imitates St. Peter's Basilica in Rome

Looking through right colonnade

South Park Ave. entrance   ...   Swan's neck pediment, including cartouche

South Park Ave. entrance Baroque style  sconce

View from South Park Avenue


Photos and their arrangement ?2003 Chuck LaChiusa
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