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Hoag Lumber Co. / Bernhardt Funeral Home
130 Main Street in the Village of in the Town of Newstead

Locals pronounce the name HOYG.

The Bernhardt Funeral Home, located at 130 Main Street in the Village of Akron, was originally the business and residence of the W. N. Hoag Lumber Company in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

By 1878 the Hoag lumber yard was located on Main Street near the home of Hubert Bernhardt. It went back to John Street from main (presently the driveway to the Bernhardt Funeral home). They manufactured shingles, doors and window sashes.


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Residence of W.N. Hoag; Hoag Lumber Co.

Mural: Residence of W.N. Hoag; Hoag Lumber Co.

Italianate style

Italianate decorative brackets


Mural: Hoag Lumber Co.

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Mural: Hoag Lumber Co.

The property was purchased by Hubert W. Bernhardt in 1942 from Henry Steiner who used it as a home and law offices. It was remodeled to meet the needs of a funeral home for the community of Akron. This was the first funeral home in the area to offer holding funerals in a funeral home. It was the custom until this time that all funerals were held in the family residence.

In 1966, Dennis Bernhardt joined his father in business. In 1975 extensive renovation and construction took place converting the entire first floor level to complete funeral home facilities. All living quarters were moved to the second floor. The funeral home now has a reception area, two large reposing rooms, casket selection room and preparation room.

Hubert Bernhardt died in 1993.

Special thanks to Dennis Bernhardt for his assistance.

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