Hamilton Ward House
19 Coe Place, Buffalo, NY



Builder of Coe Place Houses:

George Chadeayne


Queen Anne

Prominent owner:

Hamilton Ward, Jr. (1871-1932), a prominent Republican politician who served as New York State Attorney General from 1928 to 1930.

2008 owner / developer:

Belmont Shelter - Buffalohttp://www.1111wow.com/StarterPage.html

Rehabilitation award:

Belmont Shelter was given an award for their rehabilitation by Preservation Buffalo Niagara in 2009

About this house:

Chris Hawley, Organic Revitalization - Artspace Buffalo - Coe Place

Steel, Then and Now: Hamilton Ward House lives!

Steel, Coe Place... Key to the East Side?

David Torke, Hamilton Ward House - One Year Later

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Coe Place

2008 rehabilitation
Belmont Shelter - Buffalo

Engaged 3-story tower

Metal roof and finial

Back yard

Photos and their arrangement © 2009 Chuck LaChiusa
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