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BuffSci Mural
437 Doat Street at Poplar, Buffalo, NY
The Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School - Official Website

By Chuck Tingley

Partial reprint

School Staying a School
 Buffalo Rising, January 21, 2019 
(online September 2020)

A former public school on the East Side is going to stay a school. The Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School (BuffSci) has been selected by the City to purchase former School #11 at 437 Doat Street across from Schiller Park. The school has a downtown location at 190 Franklin Street and a second site at 89 Clare Street near the Larkin District.

Proposals were reviewed based on the quality of the plan, accomplishment of other projects, MBE/WBE participation, neighborhood revitalization objectives, capability to implement the development plan and financial considerations.

The Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School proposal was determined to be the strongest of the three candidates, meeting all of the evaluation criteria provided by the City in the RFP with the highest offer price and quickest time frame for completion. BuffSci’s proposal also showed community support for their proposed school.

BuffSci plans to use the existing structure as a charter school for the September 2019 school year and has agreed to pay $940,000 for the site. The Common Council is expected to review the sale at its meeting tomorrow.

September 15, 2020 photos

Keystone in round pediment   ...   Three paterae in fluted frieze    ...   Tuscan, engaged columns   ...   Anthemia in lower frieze

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