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2002 Exterior Photos
St. Francis Xavier RC Church / Buffalo Religious Arts Museum
149-157 East Street, Buffalo, NY


Romanesque Revival / Basilica


1911-1913. Third church on the site


Max. G. Beierl


German immigrants (German Lutherans built St. John's Church half a block away on Amherst St.)

Church closed:


Church purchased:

2008 by Mary Holland

2008 owners:

Buffalo Religious Arts Center (Gifted by Mary Holland)


Listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places

Buffalo Religious Arts Museum as seen from the Niagara River

2011 photo taken from  the Dayton House, 243 Dearborn St.
Photo courtesy of Alex Murphy

First church and school, 1848-1852.   Source: display in church

Steeple and first bell, 1860

Church, rectory and school, 1852-1911

1852 church

1913 Church, rectory, and late 19th century school.

Late 19th century school.

Church and school. Note clock in bell tower (campanile)

Church and rectory (2010 photo)


Romanesque Revival tower, gable, corbel table, rose window

Three Romanesque Revival arches over recessed front entry

Note entasis on one of the single-block marble columns which were transported on Erie Canal.

Cushion capital

Right side (south) of church. Blind arcade on bell tower and over stained glass windows in transept.

Medina whirlpool sandstone trim. Note second story clerestory windows.

Rear of rectory and right side (south) of church. Rectory has gabled dormer, tile roof, modillions under wide eaves, lintel over window.

First story stained glass windows illustrate stations of the cross. Note supporting pier buttresses between windows.

Right side and rear: transept and apse.


 64 Amherst St. - a fire station converted to several apartments

Across the street from the museum

Photos and their arrangement ?2002 Chuck LaChiusa
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