Edison Street Baptist Church - Table of Contents

Edison Street Baptist Church
The First Italian Baptist Church in the United States
28 Edison Avenue, Buffalo, NY

By Graham Millar

The Edison "avenue" designation occurred after the naming of the church


Cost: $1800

Expansion (color photos below):



Colonial Revival

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Pescassaroli, Italy, in the late 1800s

Opi, Abruzzo region of Italy, 1988 (near Pescassaroli)

Rev. Ariel Bellondi, the first pastor


1925 expansion

1925 expansion

1925 expansion

1925 expansion



Fanlight window


Parish house

The pages linked below were copied with permission from
Edison Street Baptist Church: The First Italian Baptist Church in the United States
- A Centennial History
by Graham Millar, 1996

Page 1 - The origins in Pescassaroli, in Abruzzi, Italy

Page 2 - History of Pescassaroli

Page 3 - History of Protestantism in Italy

Page 4 - History of Protestantism in Italy, cont.

Page 5 - Pietro Taglialatela preaches in Pescassaroli

Page 6 - Catholics VS. Protestants in Pescassaroli; Italian emigration

Page 7 - Italians in the United States

Page 8 - Italians in Buffalo

Page 9 - Status of Italians in Buffalo

Page 10 - Italians in history of Buffalo

Page 11 - East Delavan and Roma

Page 12 - Ariel Bellondi invited to Buffalo

Page 13 - Thirty-four Italians converted to Baptist Church

Page 14 - Poem to Bellondi

Page 15 - First Italian Baptist Church erected on Edison Street

Page 16 - Ariel Bellondi becomes first pastor


Page 21 - From 1912-1923 the church building is expanded


Page 23 - Money is raised in 1925 for another expansion of the building

Page 24 - Expansion described

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