Public School No. 33
157 Elk Street, Buffalo, New York

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Daniel G. McNeil

Date of Initial Construction


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Historical and Architectural Importance

The first school building erected on this site was a two story brick Italianate style structure constructed in 1872. Additions were made to the building in 1888, with the structure replaced in 1929 by the present building. The architect for the school building was Daniel G. McNeil. Mr. McNeil came to Buffalo from Watertown in 1918 and joined the John W. Cowper Co. as architect. He later joined George Townsend and formed a firm that endured for several years. He served as head architect for the Board of Education for thirteen years, and under his direction designed and built public school nos. 4, 18, 33, 37, 67 and Kensington High School, as well as additions to many schools. In 1951 he joined the firm of Fenno and Reynolds.

Interrelationship of Building and Surroundings

The school building is located on the southwest corner of Elk Street and Euclid Place. The building is among frame one and two story residences built to accommodate workers in the nearby grain and refinery industries. On the southeast corner is an early Twentieth century stone church and parochial school for St. Stephen's parish.

Other Notable Features of Building and Site

The additions made to the 1929 building in 1964 severely compromise the integrity of the original structure. The south and west elevations remain with alterations to the lower floors. The three story structure with brick facing has a bonding system of five stretcher rows per header row. Windows are paired, 6/6 light. Attached to the west elevation and extending northward is a brick two story, rectilinear plan addition constructed in 1964. The front (north) facade features a projecting west bay with a two story stone panel at the east end, pierced by first and second floor windows. At the juncture of the two bays is the entrance with metal canopy supported by a single corner column. The building is accented horizontally by a continuous stone band course at the roof level. The east and west elevations are marked horizontally by first and second floor bands of 2/1 light windows.

Building Materials

Stone, Brick, Concrete

Structural System

Steel Frame


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