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Jacob B. Fisher House / Kevin Guest House
782 Ellicott Street, Buffalo, NY

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House built:
C. 1869
Stick style
First owner:
Jacob B. Fisher, brewer
Second owner:
Theophil Speyser, cabinetmaker
Third owner:
Louis Beer family, Speyser family in-laws
Kevin Guest House:
"A Home Away From Home For Families in Need"
2019 Photos
(except for the first 2015 photo)

1915 photo   ...   In contrast to the photo below, the Jacobs School of Medicine & Medical Sciences, 955 Main St., is not visible in the background   ...   In 2015, the Jacobs School foundation (photo) was being constructed
Photo source:  Gerald L. Halligan, Kevin Guest House, Arcadia Publishing, 2016, p. 37

 2019 Photos

2019 photo   ...  Note
Jacobs School of Medicine & Medical Sciences in background   ... The two buildings to the right (north)  of the Kevin Guest House are also two of the four buildings on the Kevin Guest campus   ...  The fourth building is the Ziegle House / Salvatore House   ...   Kevin Guest House details below:

Stick style dormer ...   Wrought iron tie rod stabilizes the chimney   ...   Leaf in each of the spandrels   ...   Turned, engaged posts

Facade bay

Stick style  gable roof    ...   Sunburst in gable    ...     Queen post truss  supporting the basket-handle arch  

Paneled square Tuscan columns   ...  The balustrade is Arts & Crafts style, certainly not original

Left (south) elevation through-the-cornice dormer  with a
Stick style gable roof

Right (north) elevation dormer 

2019 Photos

Living room

Living room

Living room

Living room   ...   Soapstone(?)  fireplace with summer piece

Dining room

Dining room gas chimneypiece  with subway tile surround

Dining room

Special thanks to Development Director Pam Chrzanowski for her cooperation in 2019

Photos and their arrangement ?2019 Chuck LaChiusa
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