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Key Center at Fountain Plaza
40-50 Fountain Plaza (500 block of Main Street)
Buffalo, NY

 History Beneath Photos

Brisbin Brook Beynon Architects
Postmodern   ...   Barrel roof on the connector
Features: Step gable  pyramidal roofs  ...  Color   ...   Irregularly grouped windows
Building exterior:
Precast concrete with medium sandblast finish and exposed aggregate. Tempered thermal glazing at corner curtain wall.
6' 6 high hermetically sealed tinted thermal glass set in thermal aluminum frames.
North Tower height:
17 stories
South Tower height:
13 stories
Fountain Plaza neighbors:
#1 - Buffalo Savings Bank / M&T Branch  (across Main St.)
#2 - Hyatt Regency Hotel  (across West Huron St.)
#10 - Bank of America  (south)
Fountain Plaza history:
Buffalo Place  Fountain Plaza History (online June 2016)

Flint & Kent Dry Goods /Hippodrome Theater

Map courtesy of Joseph Bieron and Paul McCarthy, Postcard Views: A Walk Down Main Street Buffalo, New York, circa 1910, Buffalo Heritage Unlimited, 2007

Excerpts: "Flint & Kent Dry Goods /Hippodrome Theater," on Buffalo Place  Fountain Plaza History (online June 2016)

Flint and Kent, 554 Main Street   ...   SourceMolly Fisk: Flint & Kent (online October 2017)

2016 Photos

Far left: Bank of America, 10 Fountain Plaza  ... Key Center Twin Towers ... Far right: City Centre, 600 Main St.  ...
Details below from left (Bank of America) to right (North Tower)

2016 Photo ... Center: South Tower

Left: Bank of America, 10 Fountain Plaza  ...  Right: Key Center South Tower

Connector between the Bank of America Building at left (10 Fountain Plaza) and the South Tower at right ... 2016 photo

2016 Photo ... Left: Bank of America ... Connector to  the South Tower

30' fountain in the plaza: Fountain Plaza ... Far left: Bank of America ... Key Center Twin South and North Towers

South (left, 13 stories) and North (17 stories) Towers ...  Note pool which is frozen for ice skating in the winter ...  2016 Photo

2016 Photo   ... Far left: Connector between Bank of America (not shown) and the South Tower (detailed in next photo below:) ...  Note shallow pool in front which is frozen for ice skating in the winter ... The two Towers are connected by a two-story glass atrium towards right

Far left: South Tower   ...   Left: Connector between the two Towers. ...   Far right: Main Street

2016 Photo  ...  Two Towers

Looking south ... Far left: Bank of America, a Mid-Century Modern  design    ...    North Tower at Main and Chippewa ... 2016 Photo

2007 photo ... Left: City Centre... Right: Key Center Towers  ...  Photo taken from City Hall observation deck
   ...   Key Center Postmodern features:  Step gable  pyramidal roofs  ...  Color
...   City Centre Postmodern features: Broken pediment roof   ...   Balconies   ...   Stringcourse   ...   Color

2005 photo ... Left: City Centre... Right: Key Center ...  Photo taken from Chippewa near Delaware

2008 photo ... Left: Key Center North Tower west elevation ... Right:  City Centre  ... Photo taken on Main Street north of City Centre
...   Key Center Postmodern features: Irregularly grouped windows


IT Hub and IBM Heading to Key Center
By  WCPerspective

Pub. in Buffalo Rising on June 4, 2014
(online may 2016)

The south Tower of Key Center will not be empty very long after Delaware North Cos. relocates its headquarters to 250 Delaware Avenue in late-2015.  The State has selected Key Center as the site of the Buffalo IT Innovation and Commercialization Hub which IBM has agreed to anchor with 500 new jobs.

The state will buy the south Tower’s office space as a commercial condominium.

500 new IBM Jobs to Call Nearly Vacant Key Center Building Home
By Tom Precious
Pub. in The Buffalo News on June 4, 2014
(online May 2016)

ALBANY – About 500 new jobs that IBM Corp. previously promised to create in downtown Buffalo, as part of a state economic development initiative, will take up a big portion of the Key Center office building that is otherwise being vacated in a year by Delaware North Cos.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo today will announce the selection of the Fountain Plaza site as the planned new home of his proposed information technology “hub” that envisions everything from training new workers in the field to developing cutting-edge software.

The announcement ends weeks of speculation about where IBM’s new software research facility and jobs would be located, as more than 15 city sites and multiple developers vied for the high-profile project.

In an unusual transaction, the state will spend $15 million to purchase a portion of the building and build it out for IBM, while the rest of the building would remain in private hands. Details of the final contract are still being finalized.

Another $40 million will go for the purchase of equipment and software that IBM, and potentially others drawn to the center, can use. This structure – in which the state retains ownership of the facility and equipment that the tenants can use – is based on a model of the state’s successful nanosciences center in Albany.

KeyBank to Move into 250 Delaware Building, Exiting Key Tower
By James Fink
Pub. in Buffalo Business First on Jan. 16, 2015
(online May 2016)

KeyBank will be moving its downtown Buffalo headquarters from its namesake Key Towers at Fountain Plaza to the central business district's newest building, Uniland Development Co.'s 250 Delaware Building.

The biggest difference is record and document storage space that KeyBank has used in years past.

"So much of that information is now kept digitally," [KeyBank vice president of corporate communications   Therese] Myers said. "We use considerably less file storage space. Everything is smaller."

KeyBank has anchored the twin-Tower complex that overlooks Fountain Plaza since the building opened in 1990.

Photos and their arrangement ?2005, 2007, 2008, 2016 Chuck LaChiusa
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