A Comparison: Old County Hall and Old Post Office

Old County Hall
AKA Erie County Hall
92 Franklin Street, Buffalo, New York


Suzanne Ernst, Old County Hall

Alison Kimberly, History of the Old County Hall

1905 photo - 1905 Buffalo of Today: Domestic and Industrial

Joseph Ellicott Local Historic District

Old County Hall Watercolor by Dr. V. Roger Lalli / Narrative by David Rote


2002, 2015 photos - Exterior/History

2014, 2015 photos -
Four Goddesses

2011 photos - Taken from the Liberty Building

2014 photos - George Washington Monument  In front of Old County Hall


2007 photos - Interior

On other website: 

HABS: Erie County Hall (online Oct. 2015)

Photos and their arrangement ?2007 Chuck LaChiusa
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