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Empire Grill/Mac's on Hertel
1435 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo, New York

Empire Grill

Architect: Catherine Faust    ...   Empire opened in 2005 and was closed by owner Nick Kotrides in 2014.  The two-story restaurant was built at the corner of Norwalk Avenue on a site that was vacant after a fire about 2011.
2015 photo courtesy of
Buffalo Rising

Empire Grill
Photos by Catherine Faust

Partial reprint

MAC's on Hertel
By Queenseyes
Buffalo Rising, May 23, 2015 (online Oct 2018)

Upon walking in, it’s hard not to notice the giant mural that depicts downtown Buffalo during its heyday. After taking in the mural for a few minutes, we walked up to the bar, which is now front and center in the middle of the restaurant. The giant elliptical bar allows plenty of customers to belly up for a drink. Positioning the bar in the middle of the establishment was a brilliant move, as it emphasizes socialization – something that was missing back in the Empire days.  [See mural photos below}

While the bar plays a predominant role in the reincarnation of the building, there are still plenty of places to grab food at MAC’s. The upstairs dining area features a large patio, similar to what we see at Pearl Street Grill and Brewery in Downtown Buffalo. The mezzanine allows diners to connect with the activity below, without being overwhelmed by the activity and the noise. The balcony also offers up a nice spot for musicians to play.

MAC’s is a large restaurant, to be sure. It’s unlike anything else that you will find in North Buffalo, which should bode well for Bohn and his crew.

1901 Labor Day Parade on Main Street Mural Behind the Bar

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