Henry W. Wendt House
120 Lincoln Parkway, Buffalo, NY


C. 1923
Kidd, Franklyn J. and William A.


Tudor Revival / Jacobean Revival


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Henry W. Wendt House (circa 1925), 120 Lincoln Parkway - with twin high-pitched gables that on the facade rise above the roof, rough stone, and tall massive chimneys - is representative of Jacobean Revival style, whose inspirations came from English architecture that was popular during the reigns of Elizabeth I and James I, known as the Elizabethan and Jacobean periods.

The Wendt brothers, William and Henry, built their Buffalo Forge Company in the heart of Buffalo's German neighborhood to attract Germans to work there. Their industrial pursuits  expanded into Wendt Aircraft  in the early and middle 1900s.

The handsome wrought-iron gate and fence were forged at Armor Welding by Reno Fabrizi.

- Richard O. Reisem and Andy Olenick, Classic Buffalo: A Heritage of Distinguished Architecture. Canisius College Press, 1999, p. 134

... in 1878, William F. Wendt, and shortly thereafter Father [Henry W.] came. Organized to manufacture a portable blacksmith forge with a geared lever-driven blower, the tiny company had no factory, but parts produced outside were assembled and shipped as the forges were sold.

"William Wendt, with a long head for financial matters and a keen appreciation for values in advertising, pulled the little company through many tight spots, while his brother Henry, a practical foundryman and manufacturer, not only looked after that end of the business, but had the happy faculty of attracting and keeping able lieutenants. 

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Tudor Revival / Jacobean Revival

Onondaga limestone

Finial on gable peak

Slate roof

Leaded glass windows

Twisted columns

Slate roof

North side main entrance

North side main entrance




Grounds - south side




Consultant: Martin Wachadlo

Photos and their arrangement ?2006 Chuck LaChiusa
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