Thomas J. McKinney House
35 Lincoln Parkway, Buffalo, NY

The 2011 National Trust for Historic Preservation Conference in Buffalo Candlelight House Tour

Received an award for "Restoration" from  Preservation Buffalo Niagara in 2011



2009 photos

2011 photos


2009 - Library, Dining room   Includes D'Ascenzo Canterbury Tales stained glass windows

2009 - Music room, Breakfast room   Includes D'Ascenzo Seasons stained glass windows

2011 - Card room, Billiards room   Includes D'Ascenzo Fairy Tales stained glass windows

2011 - Reception hall woodwork and window  Includes D'Ascenzo stained glass window

2011 - Reception hall mantelpiece and doors

Carriage house:

2009 photos

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Special thanks to owners Clement Arrison for his cooperation and Karen Arrison for her patience and assistance in 2009 and in 2011.

Above photo taken in 2011 by Chuck LaChiusa
Photo ?2011 Clement and Karen Arrison
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