E. F. Hall Office and Residence
467 Virginia Street, Buffalo, NY

2013 Photos - Exterior

2013 Photos - Office

David A. Steele, More on 467 Virginia Street Buffalo Rising September 6, 2013

Allentown Historic Preservation District

James Napora, Allentown / Main / Linwood / Delaware

F. H. Loverin
Style - exterior:
French chateau
Style - First floor office:
Moorish Revival
1st owner:
Eleck F. Halls, photographer.
"... well known as a Pictorialist and professional portrait photographer in Buffalo. Born in 1857 in Bath, New Hampshire, he began his photographic career in his native state in about 1874. He married in Iowa and worked in Creston, Iowa, as a photographer, as well as in Hanover, Lisbon, and Littleton, New Hampshire. He moved to Buffalo in 1887, where his studio, 'E.F. Hall & Co.' at 306 Main Street, succeeded that of Powelson. In 1894, he moved to 469 Virginia Street ... He sold this studio in 1908 to Howard Beach but continued operating there with Beach as "Hall's Photographic Studios" until 1913. Hall is included in Anthony Bannon's book, The Photo-Pictorialists of Buffalo (1981) and there is a photo of him in the 1897 Buffalo Merchants Exchange book, p. 117." - Gary Saretzky: E. F. Hall  (online August 2013)
2nd owner: 1908 - Howard Beach, photographer.
Hall continued to operate there with Beach as “Hall’s Photographic Studios” until 1913. At this time Beach was residing next door at 467 Virginia Street, Buffalo, NY.
Additional illustrations of house and Hall photos:
Gary Saretzky: E. F. Hall  (online August 2013)

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