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George Hall House
261 Woodbridge Ave., Buffalo, NY

Colonial Revival/ Arts & Crafts
Original owner:
George Hall

Fillmore Hall and Crystal Beach Amusement Park beneath the illustrations
Subsequent owners:
2nd  - Bangert
3rd - Fillmore Hall, son of George Hall ( See Fillmore Hall and Crystal Beach Amusement Park beneath the illustrations)
4th - Dr. David and Cynthia Silverstein

Note clipped gable roofs

Original shrubs

Original terra cotta tiles, ridge tiles and finials

Widely overhanging eaves are an Arts & Crafts style feature

Original terra cotta tiles

Sun room fan light

Roman Tuscan capital over Greek fluted shaft

East elevation - Entrance

Portico features sun image in tympanum ... Greek Corinthian columns

Greek Corinthian columns


Leaded side light. The flower image is an Arts & Crafts style feature.
Fillmore Hall and Crystal Beach Amusement Park

"In 1902 one of the concessionaires was confectioner George Hall. He became famous for his lollipops but later sold candy kisses, caramel corn, peanuts, and popcorn. In 1924 he became president of the Buffalo & Crystal Beach Corporation which purchased the Park in March of that year for approximately $1,000,000. The new owners immediately remodeled the dance pavilion, adding new lighting effects." - New York Heritage (July 2012)

"At the age of 88, George  Hall Sr. died on September 2, 1972 in Port Colborne General Hospital. With his passing, Fillmore Hall became President of the company. Fillmore’s brother Edward G. Hall became the company’s treasurer; George Hall Jr. became vice president. " -  Crystal Beach - A Century of  Screams (July 2012)
Research by Barbara Townsend

Buffalo Evening News, May 19, 1925

Buffalo Courier Express, May 19, 1925

Special thanks to owners Dr. David and Cynthia Silverstein for their cooperation and hospitality.

Photos and their arrangement ?2012 Chuck LaChiusa
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