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Scallop shell: Semicircular shell shape with ridges radiating from a point at the center bottom, used as a decoration.

Very popular in the late Renaissance, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Queen Anne, and Georgian periods. It was often found on Goddard 18th-century kneehole desks and cabriole-legged highboys, and on the knees of cabriole legs, on aprons, on crests of furniture, and also as a hood on architectural pieces of case goods.

Scalloped arch: An arch having more than five foils, a design found in Moorish architecture.

Scalloped borders: Wallpaper designs usually applied bellow the ceiling line or molding and used as a dado decoration, or around doors, windows, arches, etc.  Designs are often architectural motifs combined with swags, garlands of flowers, fruits, etc. The lower edge of the design is cut out to conform to the outline of the artwork.When the paper is applied, it appears to be part of the wall.

Also called a "cutoutborder."

Scalloped edge: An edge or border that has been marked or cut into segments of a circle. An outer profile which resembles the wavy, fluted contour of a scallop shell.

Examples from Buffalo architecture:

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