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A closed or partially closed ring of foliage, fruit and/or flowers .

[In Classical Greek and Roman eras], wreaths of leaves and flowers were worn by victors of wars or public games and as emblems of office. The wreath used many motifs based on leaves, flowers and fruit. Among the most frequently used leaf borders are those based on laurel, olive, ivy and vine. While laurel is associated with victory, ivy and vine are both associated with Bacchus.

- British Museum Pattern Books: Roman Designs, by Eva Wilson, 1999

A classic Roman motif, it was adopted in the Renaissance and Classic Revival/Empire periods. In the Empire period it became an important ornamental feature, often enclosing the initial "N," Napoleon's personal badge, or an eagle.

Symbolism: strength, victory, eternity, remembrance. Christmas decorations to symbolize the coming of Christ


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