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Bethlehem Management Club / Brierwood Country Club
Rogers Road, Hamburg, N.Y.

Architect: Bley and Lyman
Completed: 1964

In 1956 Bethlehem Steel Co. acquired 400 acres on Rogers Road between Cloverbank Rd and Amsdell Rd. for the Bethlehem Management Club. The club was established in 1958.

In 1987 E. F. Burke Development Co. purchased the club, renaming it Brierwood Country Club. The club is now privately owned.

Dining and reception facilities for 400 people.

Adjoining the club is the Activities Center with a recreation room and pool.

-- Source: "Brierwood Country Club," in the September 1, 1991 edition of the "Buffalo Evening News"

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Neoclassical style with Tuscan columns

Block modillions


Adjoining Activities Center

Air vents

Activities Center entrance

Cupola and deck



Broken pediment above door

Bethlehem Steel Co
Illustrations. Time line


Through-the-cornice dormer

See also: Bethlehem Steel Co Illustrations. Time line

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