Reprints of a series of articles in the The Courier -Express newspaper relating the Bicentennial of the American Revolution to Niagara Land -- a circular area with a radius of about 50 miles from its center at Buffalo.

Subsequently, the Courier published these articles separately in book format.

R. Arthur Bowler, The Beginnings of the War of 1812

R. Arthur Bowler, The War of 1812 Heats Up on the Niagara Frontier

R. Arthur Bowler, The Burning of Buffalo

William Chazanof, Buffalo in Her Formative Years

William Chazanof, The Laying Out of Buffalo

Joseph A. Grande, Black Rock's Peter B. Porter: Lawyer, Statesman, Soldier

Joseph A. Grande, The Building of the Griffon

Joseph A. Grande, Lafayette's Triumphal Tour of Buffalo and the Niagara Frontier

Joseph A. Grande, Millard Fillmore, the Buffalo Benefactor

Richard Hill and Donald A. Grinde, Jr., Keepers of the Western Door: The Story of the Seneca Nation

A. Wesley Johns, The Fenian Invasion of Canada

Harold F. Peterson, Buffalo Builds the 1901 Pan-American Exposition

Milton Plesur, Grover Cleveland - Buffalo's 'Honest Politician' Goes to Washington

Mrs. Roy Summers, The Word Comes to Niagara Land

Katheryne T. Whittemore, Carving the Harbor That Built Buffalo

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