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In General - On Buffalo Architecture and History Website:

C.1500 ..... 1655 ..... 1689 ..... 1722 ..... 1756 ..... 1774 ..... 1775 ..... 1779 ..... 1786 ..... 1792 ..... 1828 ..... 1838 ..... 1842 .... 1857

Richard Hill and Donald A. Grinde, Jr., Keepers of the Western Door: The Story of the Seneca Nation Essay

Goldman, Mark. The Senecas, Red Jacket, and the Holland Land Company Essay, illustrations

Frank J. Lankes, Cornplanter VS. Red Jacket   Reprinted Essay

Frank J. Lankes, Home of the Senecas   Reprinted Essay

Frank J. Lankes, The Hydraulic Canal   Reprinted Essay

Thomas L. McKinney and James Hall, Home of Red Jacket   Reprinted Essay

The Iroquois History essay

Red Jacket

Ely Parker

The Iroquois History essay

In General - On Other Websites: (online Jan. 2017)

Iroquois History (J. Dill) Extensive essay

The Iroquois Constitution (U. of Oklahoma Law Center) See also About the Iroquois Constitution (G. Murphy)

Constitution of the Iroquois Nation

Famous Dreams (Iroquois Dreamwork and Spirituality) Includes illustrations of masks and their meaning

Marshall, O. H. The First Visit of De La Salle to the Senecas, made in 1669 Read before the Buffalo Historical Society, March 16, 1874. Reprint of the book.

Colden, C.,
The History of the Five Indian Nations. Reprint of 1747 book pub. in London

Frey, S. L., The Mohawks: an Inquiry into their Origin, Migrations and Influence upon the White Settlers Reprint of 1898 book

S Griffis, W. E. Sir William Johnson and the Xix Nations Reprint of c.1891 book Essay

Especially for Classroom Study:  (online Jan. 2017)

Hurons and Iroquois: A Historical Research Project Completed by the Grade 5 Class of Lumsden Elementary School Includes much information and activities.

Native American Lore 150 legends; Large number of "Native Quotes"

Native Poems Poems by contemporary Native Americans

Iroquois Nation (E. Crystal) Long list of facts about the Iroquois; legends; masks; two illustrations Links, including "Homework Homework Help"; illustrations

Seneca language Translation

Iroquois Dreamwork and Spirituality

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