Buffalo Park and Parkway System - Table of Contents

Martin Luther King, Jr. Park
Previously named The Parade, Humboldt Park

1868 1872, 1876

Historic Illustrations - The Parade House

Historic Analysis

The Buffalo Museum of Science

Martin Luther King Jr. Park Historic District Listed on the State & National Registers of Historic Places

1896 Buffalo Map

S. M. Broderick, The Parade Essay, illustrations

Mark Goldman, The Scajaquada Expressway Disrupts a Community History

Francis R. Kowsky. The Parade and Fillmore Avenue This is an excerpt from Intensive Level Historic Resources Survey: City of Buffalo: Broadway-Fillmore Neighborhood.

Francis R. Kowsky, Illustrations and history

James Napora, Humboldt Park History

Martha Neri, The Humboldt Park Trial Rose Garden

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