Short Histories of Not-for-Profit Preservation Organizations in Buffalo, NY - Table of Contents

Preservation Buffalo Niagara - A Short History

Existence:  2008-present
Reason for Formation: A large preservation organization was required to be able to bid for the 2011 National Trust Conference in Buffalo.  Merger of Landmark Society of the Niagara Frontier and Preservation Coalition of Erie County created PBN, and the 2011 National Trust Conference in Buffalo is history.
2018 rewording:  PBN identifies, protects, and promotes our unique architecture and historic legacy, and connects people to the places they love in Western New York. 

Vision Statement
Some of the leaders:

December 2008 Board of Trustees

Board Presidents:
Catherine Schweitzer
Greg Lodinsky
Peter Flynn
Executive Directors:
Henry McCartney
Thomas Yots
Jesse Fisher
Field Service Program Representative:
Andee Rebeck (Description)
PBN representative to the City of Buffalo Preservation Board:
Terry Robinson

Website  (online April 2020)

2008 Annual Appeal Letter

2009 Charter Member Invitation Letter

2009 National Trust  Historic Preservation Challenge Grant Agreement

Membership form   (online April 2020)

Workshop series focuses on assisting homeowners and neighborhoods in their goals to repair, restore, and protect historic buildings  (online April 2020)

2008 - Blythe Merrill, History of LSNF and Pres Co   Speech

2010 - Henry McCartney, Speech to Hull House

2011 - Host organization for the
2011 National Trust Conference in Buffalo. Buffalo began to be nationally known for its architecture;  Western New Yorkers became aware that that Buffalo architecture was nationally recognized.

2011 - Preservation Awards

2018 - Sacred Sites Assistance Program, gift from the Charles D. and Mary A. Bauer Foundation

2018 - Application to expand the Michigan Sycamore Historic District

2019 - Historic Home Loan Fund (HHLF)

2020 - Acquired 72 Sycamore Street through a gift from local developer Rocco Termini

Spin off:  Explore Buffalo
Additional online information:

2008 - Elizabeth B. Waters, Buffalo Historic Preservation Issues and Opportunities Assessment . Documents the necessity for one effective preservation organization needed to host the 2011 National Trust Conference in Buffalo

2008 - Merger Committee Members

2008 - Henry McCartney, Case Statement for Preservation Buffalo Niagara   Steps outlined to create PBN.  (Document names Michael Miller to become Executive Director; tragically, Miller dies in the interim)

2008 - Forming Preservation Buffalo Niagara - Frequently Asked Questions

2008 - Talking Points about Preservation Buffalo Niagara Confidential memo for Board members

2014 - Tom Yots Retires from Preservation Buffalo Niagara  
(online April 2020)

2018 - Turning Point at Ten   (online April 2020)

2020 - Queenseyes, Preservation Buffalo Niagara introduces The 1850 Project
(online April 2020)

2020 - Queenseyes, Preservation Buffalo Niagara presents a Hard Hat Tour of the Tuscarora Club 
(online April 2020)

2020 - Queenseyes, Preservation Buffalo Niagara Launching Historic Home Loan Fund Program  (online April 2020)

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