Short Histories of Not-for-Profit Preservation Organizations in Buffalo, NY - Table of Contents

Preservation Coalition of Erie County - A Short History

Existence:  ?-2008
Reason for Formation: Intended to be the action group for preservation
Some of the leaders:

Susan McCartney
Tim Tielman
Joan Bozer
Later Board Members:
David Gerber
Scott Field

Hillary Sternberg
Todd Mitchell
Chuck LaChiusa
Greg Lodinski
Scott Fisher
Board Presidents:
Susan McCartney
Richard Lippes
Cynthia Van Ness
Executive Directors:
Tim Tielman

Website (Scott Field, Chuck LaChiusa)

Extensive walking tour program.  Tour program later merged with  the  Landmark Society’s daily weekday City Hall walking tour.  This cooperation became the nexus for a total merger of the two organizations. 

Annual Preservation Awards

Nov./Dec. 1986 - "Preservation Report"

Wrote a number of nominations to the National Trust  (Hillary Sternberg)

Provider of an excellent tour program, later in partnership with the LSNF.


Published "Buffalo Waterfront: A Guidebook," authored by Tim Tielman

Organized a
voluntary, public  Cobblestone District repair  (Tim Tielman)

Published "Buffalo's Best,"  a series of 3 1/2" X 8 1/2" cards

Stopped the NY Telephone Company on Church Street from sheathing their Gothic Revival Skyscraper in a granite box

Helped establish the Joseph Ellicott Historic District, the Cobblestone Historic District and the Hamlin Park Historic District

Took title to the Central Terminal and spun it off to the Central Terminal Restoration Corp.

Organized 600 people to relay cobblestone in the Cobblestone District

Sued NYS to force it to maintain the Richardson complex and won, spurring a long awaited multi-million dollar investment in stabilization with an eye towards rehab and reuse

Successfully sued NY State for its Canal District preservation plan. 

Coordinated a successful grassroots campaign and sued NYS to preserve the Canal District and create a destination site that celebrates its history rather than settling for a generic waterfront design.

1997 Preservation lawsuit: Richardson Complex (Richard Lippes)

2000 Preservation lawsuit: Waterfront (Richard Berger)

2007 Threatened
preservation lawsuit: Bass Pro (Richard Lippes)

Spin off:   Buffalo Architecture and History website.  (Chuck LaChiusa)

Additional online information:

1986 - "Buffalo's Best"   3 1/2" X 8 1/2" cards

1986 - Dr. Frank Kowsky, "Richard Upjohn and the Gothic Revival in Buffalo"

1989 - Nomination: Plymouth Methodist Church and Parsonage

1990 - Tim Tielman, "Buffalo Waterfront: A Guidebook" excerpts

1996 - Cynthia Van Ness, The Old Curiosity Shop

1997 - Charles Hendler, Maria Maltby Love and Her Cr鑓he

1997 - Tim Tielman, et. al., Local Landmark Designation Application: Jefferson Avenue Shul   (online April 2020)

1999 - Tim Tielman, Bungalow Style Houses in Buffalo, New York

2000 - Preservation Coalition, City Team Up to Build Observation Deck Overlooking Canal District

2008 - Blythe Merrill, History of LSNF and PresCo   Speech

2017 - Mark Sommer, 2017 Outstanding Citizen: Tim Tielman, force in Buffalo preservation (online April 2020)

2020 - Mark Sommer, Metcalfe House, Preserved in Part at Buffalo State, Helped Launch a Movement

Esenwein & Johnson:  City of Buffalo Building Permits 1898-1914

Francis R. Kowsky on the Web

A Career in Preservation: Richard Lippes

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